Reading Terminal Revisited


A registered National Historic Landmark, the Reading Terminal train station was opened for service in 1893. It was operated by the Reading Railroad, Conrail and then finally SEPTA. Upon  completion of the Center City Commuter Connection, the last passenger train operated out of Reading Terminal on the evening of November 6th, 1984.  The terminal was closed at that time as a passenger station, and the building was later incorporated into the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

I was employed by SEPTA for more then three decades. For most of that time I was involved with commuter train maintenance, which frequently took me to Reading Terminal. This gave me access to areas that were not open to the public. Photography has been a long time hobby of mine, so during the 1983-1985 period, I took a number of photos, before and after the closing. Recently, I scanned many of the thirty year old 35mm black and white negatives, and restored them in Photoshop. Hopefully, the photos will bring back some old memories that people might have of passing through the terminal.


Train Station Photography (circa 1984)

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